About Ricky Schaede

Ricky Schaede is a Canadian artist fascinated with the mysteries and origins of the universe.  Inspired by fantasy, science fiction, and spirituality, Ricky’s work comes from a subconscious place of wonder and imagination.  He works in a variety of media including acrylics, oils, watercolours, ink, graphite and sculpture.  Ricky works as an artist, art instructor, and community arts advocate in the small town of Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.  He teaches a variety of classes for kids and adults, both to groups and privately, and also runs a free art program for youth at the local library.  Ricky is mostly self-taught but has spent five weeks in Europe studying an early renaissance painting technique called the Mische-technique.  Current projects include writing and illustrating a children's picture book, and creating a new body of artwork including several large scale oil and acrylic paintings.  His work is very time-intensive, with pieces taken dozens to hundreds of hours to complete.  His love of animals, nature, and the majesty of the cosmos often find their way into his work, and he is always trying to push himself as an artist to learn new things and cover new artistic ground.  


Extended Bio


Ricky Schaede was born in 1993 in Brampton, Ontario.  His father introduced him to painting and drawing at a young age, and Ricky grew up with a love for art and the imagination.  Ricky found his voice as a visual artist upon returning home from a series of sacred fire ceremonies in Guatemala at the age of 19.

Since discovering his passion for painting, Ricky has exhibited his work internationally, been featured in publications, won multiple awards, and sold pieces to collectors in Ontario and Quebec.  In 2015 and 2016, Ricky traveled to Austria to study the Mische Technique with Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Mantra Cora, an early renaissance technique considered to be a sacred treasure, infusing paintings with ‘an inner light’.  In 2015, Ricky joined the Canadian Society for Art of the Imagination, participating in their exhibit in Montreal in October 2015, and in Manhattan at ONE Art Space, in April 2017.  Ricky's most recent solo show 'The Triumph of Life' took place at Maggiolly Art during the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival in June 2017.  Ricky's work also includes his role as an art instructor at Maggiolly Art in Orangeville, where he was worked since 2014.  Teaching a variety of classes for kids and adults, both to groups and privately, he loves to share the joy of art with others. In 2019, Ricky was awarded the 'Painting with Water Media Award' at the Insights 40th Annual Juried Exhibition of Fine Art for his piece 'Cassiel'.  Ricky is also a 2019 recipient of the Dufferin Art's Council's Reed T Cooper Bursary in Visual Arts to produce and self publish his first kid's book.  

As he forges forward, his work continues to evolve and expand as he gains technical knowledge and skill, as well as life experience and wisdom.  The fantastical world he explores in his paintings has only just begun to reveal itself to him, and he is always excited and surprised by what ends up on his canvas.  Ricky's plans for the future are to continue creating and refining his body of work with the goal of seeking gallery representation and exhibiting his work more extensively internationally.