Aurora Borealis Original Painting

Aurora Borealis

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Original painting on high quality gallery style canvas.  

"Aurora Borealis" by Ricky Schaede.
Acrylics on canvas, 2019.  

* 20" x 20" x 1 1/2"
* Framed in a black wooden floater frame,
* Wired for hanging.
* Original, one of a kind work of art.  
* Made with love and inspiration.

She was a spirit of the mountains and the snow.  Each night however, as the moon rose and the lights swept through the sky, she howled with a fire that could awaken even the iciest of hearts.  She howled for all that she had lost, and for what she had become.  Alone.  Alone with just herself, the mountains, and the Aurora Borealis.